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Term Loan

Short term loans are a great option when your business desires to borrow money for a specific investment objective, including starting a new project, expanding, or making a large purchases. With an eWallet’s short term loan, you get a one-time lump sum of cash to use for your needs as you see fit. You’ll have your funds as early as the day you finalize your loan, and you can  choose to pay it back on a schedule to match your specific project timeline.

Equipment Financing

If you are looking to purchase a peice of equipment weather its a truck, work vehicle, laudry mat equipment, car wash or speacialty office equipment take advantage of equipment financing. It can offer 3-5 year terms, with monthly payments at nominal rates.

Line Of Credit

A Line of Credit is the best financing option when you need supplemental working capital to cover recurring business expenses or bridge cash flow gaps. With ongoing access to cash, you have the flexibility to withdraw only what you need, when it’s needed—paying only for what you use. A line is ideal for a business owner as they have an ability to keep you prepared for whatever challenges or opportunities come your way.

Credit Repair

Providing business owners with the ability to repair their credit allows them to qualify for better funding and rates. We can remove liens, negative accounts, late payments, judgments, collections, foreclosures and bankruptcies and inquiries.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring can be a highly effective tool for businesses that receive their payments on a delayed basis while delivering their services in real time. The product is structured as an advance collateralized by a business’s outstanding invoices. The product allows business owners to access the cash flow they need to continue funding their ongoing operations circumventing any delays in meeting their obligations.

Bridge financing

A short term loan that has a specified repayment structure. Rates and terms are often determined by industry, outstanding debt and current cashflows. Funds are made available often times within a couple of hours or same day with simple underwriting.

 eWallet's mission is to provide a broad array of services and solutions for small businesses. eWallet offers merchant cash advances, small business loans, SBA loans, equipment financing, factoring, purchase order financing and commercial mortgages nationwide. We will find you the best option for your business regardless of bad credit, high risk business types or financial issues. eWallet also offers credit card processing, personal and business credit repair, payroll services and SEO & Web development.